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Wireless M2M in Video Monitor

Wireless M2M

Nowadays more and more locationss require security monitor. So the CCTV video and surveillance devices are applied in many areas. Usually there are live video surveillance and mode and capture picture mode.

To build the wireless M2M solution for the video or picture monitor, the E-Lins 3G wireless router can take the job.

So at this solution, the 3G wireless router is a device of wireless data transmitter

To transmit the capture pictures, the GPRS/EDGE/CDMA network will work well, for example, we can use E-Lins GPRS Router or EDGE Router or CDMA Router to build a wireless network channel to send the data picture to the monitor centers.

But it requires large bands to transmit the live video as the data is huge. So E-Lins 3G HSDPA Router and 3G HSDPA Modem will take the work.

The 3G Wireless Modem is connected to the USB ports of the monitor cameras, and the 3G Wireless Router is connected to the RJ45 ethernet port of the machines to build the less expensive, flexible, reliable, safe system.

Typical Picture for Wireless M2M Solutionn in CCTV Surveillance

1. Typical Diagram

wireless data transmitter

Wireless M2M

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