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Typical Wireless M2M Applications

3G mobiles Router

Typical Applications in Wireless M2M solutions

Data collection and system supervision

1. Telecom operator relay stations (such as base station, microwave and optical relay stations)

2. Power distribution network supervision and metering

3. Extra-high voltage equipment monitoring

4. Running water, gas pipe line supervision

5. Centralized heating system supervision

6. Environment protection data collection

7. Flood control data collection

8. Alert system supervision

9. Weather station data collection

10.Power Grid


12.Light Supervision

13.Solar PV Power Solution

14.BTS Supervision Solution

15.Power/Water/Gas Meter Solution (AMR)

.Transformer Monitoring Solution


Financial and department store

1. Vehicle based bank service

2. POS

3. Vending machine

4. ATM

5. Bank office supervision

6. Others


1. Police and traffic control

2. mobiles query for ID info and crime files

3. mobiles query for vehicle and driver license information

4. Traffic monitoring and control

5. Traffic violation control (shooting vehicle's plate number)

6. City traffic information and guidance system

7. Coal Mine Solution

8. Alert System Solution

9. Video Camera & CCTV Surveillance Solution

10. Others

Vehicle Supervision

1. Police, 110 (emergency police team in China)

2. Bank and post office vehicle supervision and management

3. Taxi management

4. Bus and bus stop information

5. Procurement Management

6. Vehicle Tracking Solution

7. Traffic Management Solution


1. Express Way Toll Solution

2. Traffic Billboard Solution

3. Wireless LED Distribution System

4. VOIP telephones Solution

5. Remote Office Solution

6. Remote Access Solution

Power Equipment Security Solution

Weather and Climate

Flood Control Solution

Environment Protection Solution

Weather Station Solution

Typical Picture for Wireless M2M Solution

Typical Diagram

Wireless M2M

Wireless M2M

Wireless M2M

Wireless M2M

Wireless M2M

Wireless M2M

Wireless M2M

Wireless M2M

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