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Power Grid in Wireless M2M

Wireless M2M

What is wireless M2M?

It's a machine to machine solutions for remote device connection, monitor and control.

E-Lins Wireless M2M devices enables the monitoring and control of devices that have historically been difficult to access and were previously unmanaged.

In power grid wireless m2m field, there are a lot of substations, transforms and switches in most of the cities, which are located at road side, poles and buildings. It is very difficult to supervise the power equipment operation status. Also it is difficult to collect the meter information. The reasons are listed below:

Big amount and decentralized sites.

It is not possible to utilize copper wire communication copper wire communication media to transmit information between substation and control center. It is also very difficult and expensive to lay down communication cable in city.

Power Carrier Line (PLC) is one solution. But the problem is power line may fail. Also PLC frequency planning will encounter problems.

A radio network may be the solution, but it is easy to be interfered and the construction cost is high.

The wireless M2M system is the best solution for power grid system. It is less expensive, flexible, reliable, safe and cover almost everywhere.

Typical Picture for Power Grid Wireless M2M Solution

1. Power Dispatching Center

Wireless M2M

2. Main Connection

machine to machine

Wireless M2M

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