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Rain Gauge Monitoring System

Rain gauge monitoring is one of the important elements on meteorological observation. The information collected by the rain gauge can be provided as references for related applications, weather forecast, and research of meteorology, which is extremely essential for life and security of human being.

Most rain gauge monitoring systems are now using one-way UHF radio to transmit the data. For example, when the water level reaches 0.5 mm, the system will be activated to send the updated data to the information station in that

area through RF system with RF base stations; meanwhile, the updated data will be stored to the data logger for backup. However, to build this kind of RF monitoring system in such a wide area is a very difficult task for construction and maintenance; besides, it takes a lot of cost and effort to get the RF license and to integrate the whole system.

In this successful application reference, MA8-2 was connected to the rain gauge through TTL (Digital I/O), and whenever the rain gauge collects a certain rain, MA8-2 will store the record to its SRAM by the electric current change of TTL. Therefore, MA8-2 will get all the record

of rain level and record interval history, and then send them back to the control center in order to do hydrology research. This system can be installed in very short time and is very flexible for reconfiguration; it goes without saying that it"s the best easy-to-use M2M solution for system integrators.

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