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Solutions for Security

Roof Access Security System

Roof access security was not regarded as a must before, but gradually, it has been considered as an important application since it"s dangerous if someone gets in the roof and breaks some utilities or contaminates the water in the water tower. It threatens the safety and assets of the residents directly. For example, in Singapore, it happened that someone broke in the roof on purpose and contaminated the water tower; therefore, roof access security system has been developed to prevent from this kind of situation. However, the fixed line solution is difficult to meet the customer"s needs because it takes too much time, cost, and effort to install; besides, the fixed line is very easy to destroy. Moreover, the traditional security equipments on the market are complicated and numerous, and normally it is necessary to integrate several various equipments in one system. This will also cost users a lot. Furthermore, the password of the keypad which is often adapted in security system is easy to be broken into.

In this reference,wireless module is installed on the roof to link with magnetic reed, siren, electric door lock, and LED light through TTL; the users use their own mobiles phones numbers as their ID and call wireless module to activate or deactivate the system. When wireless moduel receives the call, it will detect if the user is authorized or not. Once unauthorized user breaks in illegally, wireless module will send SMS & Data alert to related personnel as well as control center in real time through GSM/GPRS network in order to manage the event. The whole system doesn"t need alarm panel, keypad, alarm receiver, etc., and can be set up in very short time.

More Security Application

The Security market is arguably the largest M2M segment to date, primarily with the adoption of wireless technology based on antiquated analog cellular and proprietary data networks. Most of these security applications have been designed to eliminate fixed line services to transmit alarm information to an alarm company. But, the shutdown of the analog networks in 2008, coupled with customer demand for higher value services including video monitoring is driving rapid migration to flexible digital network approaches.

According to ABI Research, the North American market for home security systems will reach almost 10 million devices by 2010. However, the real growth in Security will shift to digital wireless as the preferred network technology as the legacy networks are retired and new security applications drive the bandwidth requirement far beyond that supported on those older networks.

Beyond basic alarm monitoring, new capabilities are being added to enhance and improve security solutions. The use of video and still picture transmission allows alarm and security companies to view a locations, in real-time, prior to taking action. This allows false alarms to be disregarded without incurring the cost of going to the locations as well as avoiding false law enforcement dispatch. And, user interaction with home or business security systems, via any mobiles device, will allow for notifications to a mobiles phones as well as remote user control.

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