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Wireless M2M in Light Supervision

There are a lot of street lights all over the city streets. It is very difficult to supervise the all the lights operation status. Also it is difficult to collect the working information.

E-Lins mobiles Modem can built a wireless system solution for the light supervision. It is less expensive, flexible, reliable, safe and cover almost everywhere.

With E-Lins Cell Modem (DTU), most of wireless machine to machine applications will be built easily and with low cost.

E-Lins is a professional industrial modem manufacturer. The different kinds of modem can supply different solution requirement for different solutions.

Typical Picture for Light Supervision Wireless M2M Solution

1.Control Room

mobiles Modem

2.Controlled Point

Cell Modem

Catalog - Router Modem AP

Industrial Class Series

SOHO Class Series