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Solutions from Cellular Modem and Cellular Wireless Router

Adopt E-Lins Cellular Modem and Cellular Wireless Router, we can build wireless data connection network for different machine-to-machine applications.

The Cellular Modem nowadays are widely used for industrial applications.

Remote communication for digital signage for easy installation and rapid dynamic content delivery to electronic and digital signs.
Accurate information forms the basis for making the best decisions. Dynamic "content" delivery reduces problems and provides new marketing revenue streams through digital signage solutions.


E-Lins Cellular Wireless Router help many industries benefit by delivering messages to their customers through digital signage including retail, leisure, hotels, finance and transport. It conveys data such as road traffic congestion, parking directions and passenger information for bus, rail and taxis to ease the decision-making process. Furthermore, digital signage technologies such as video, TFT, LCD, LED and VFD provide ideal mediums for advertising and promotional activities for generating new revenue opportunities.

Scalable digital signage solutions

Video, graphic and text signs support proprietary protocols at TCP/IP, serial or Ethernet level. Communication can be added to digital signage using a modem which offers simple remote access or perhaps a router for a Ethernet networked device.

An Internet enabled modem provides access to FTP download sites and a content delivery system offers a complete solution. Intelligent Internet enabled modems enable legacy equipment to be monitored, which can be scaled to a remote monitoring system solution, where information can be delivered in response to real-time events using E-Lins Cellular Modem.

Business Challenge

Lack of accurate and up-to-date information often compounds problems and increases frustration. Examples include traffic congestion and road incidents where early warnings help to direct traffic away from problem areas. In many cases, "content" needs to be delivered in response to real-time events such as parking availability, bus arrival times and excessive vehicle speeds. Delivering strategic messages to digital signage enables passengers, customers, staff and the public at large to make better decisions. Advertising and promotional opportunities exist for retailers and brand owners. These are especially powerful where there is a captive audience e.g. public transport and retail queues, taxis and public conveniences. Key issues lie with fast updates to remote and mobiles locationss, especially where they are not easily accessible or in dangerous locationss such as track & roadside.

According to above, E-Lins Cellular Modem and Cellular Wireless Router can help.

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