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Comprehensive Range of LTE Modems with Diverse Features

Our Long-Term Evolution Modem or better known as LTE modem enables wireless communication of high-speed data for mobiles phoness and data terminals by modulating and demodulating signals and helps your computer to transmit data. With the help of this device you can easily connect your computer to blazing fast internet speed and avail its benefits.

It's simple to set up and convenient to use with no hassle of installing CDs or downloading drivers. Our LTE Modem powers you to access the Internet and perform all your work even while you are not within the vicinity of this device. This Modem proffers substantially improved speeds which helps you with more productive and responsive internet. With such impressive speeds you can download stuff in just a matter of time.

You can only imagine the possibilities that you can achieve if your internet offers amazing speeds and your place can be a hot spot for fast internet connectivity. It is compatible with 3G and 2G networks and delivers top notch connectivity that you can depend on. With the LTE Modem you can access the internet without having to wait an external device that might not promise as good a speed as this device. The affordable price and long lasting performance of this device are other add ons that is an easy price to pay for the comfort and convenience of great internet functioning.

It works similar to a traditional broadband system with the difference that here you can surf the net on a network. This is what gives it an edge and makes it suitable for people who have to travel often and stay in temporary locationss. Now you can take fast internet wherever you go without caring for the fixed broadband applications.

This modem has a sleek and compact design which gives it an appealing look and since it is quite light weight, you can be assured of its portability. So what are you waiting for? Get the best speed with the LTE Modem and discover a new level of online excitement that will redefine your user experience.

Our advanced LTE Modems Include:

  • 1) 4G FDD LTE Modem
  • 2) 4G TDD LTE Modem
  • 3) 4G FDD+TDD LTE Modem

M300 Series 4G FDD+TDD LTE Modem


M300 series 4G LTE modem, supporting FDD LTE and TDD LTE networks. Usb port, built-in LTE module with sim card slot...


M300 Series 4G FDD LTE Modem

4G FDD LTE Modem

M300 series 4G LTE modem, usb port, built-in FDD LTE module with sim card slot..


M300 Series 4G TDD LTE Modem

4G TDD LTE Modem

M300 series 4G TDD LTE modem, usb port, built-in TDD LTE module with sim card slot...