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OEM/ODM for Wireless Cellular Router/Modem/Radio Backhual, IP camera/DVR/DVS

As an OEM/ODM manufacturer & supplier of wireless/cellular router/modem, CCTV IP camera, DVR and DVS products, we do ID design, MD design, prototyping and electronics part design as shown below.


Why choose OEM and ODM service from China Professional Manufacturer E-Lins?
1) Best functionality and performance in the industry
2) Closed technical support
3) Strict quality control
4) Fast delivery
5) Strong production capability
6) Reasonable cost


About China Professional Manufacturer E-Lins’ OEM/ODM service
E-Lins provides world-class ODM and OEM services for the wireless cellular device and surveillance industries. With our engineering capability, state-of-the-art production facilities in Shenzhen City and remarkable project management skill, we offer reasonable prices, quick delivery, and strict quality control to satisfy the stringent hardware and software regulatory requirements.

Our well-established production facilities allow us to provide seamless ODM/OEM services from custom-made design to finished product delivery with the support of our ISO ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004 certified manufacturing system, knowledge and experience.


We offer vertical integrated OEM and ODM services, including,

Electronics circuitry design and layout
Software and program development
Mechanical design
Prototype building
Component sourcing


router OEM


Quality for OEM/ODM
E-Lins’ manufacturing material is selected based on quality parts and timely delivery. It is our goal to provide reliable and long lasting products that meet global strict standards. Our factory is capable of mass production of components to build a data center each month, but we do so with standard manufacturing procedures that produces quality products. As an ISO-9001 certified manufacturer, we are committed to high quality standards to meet our customers’ different kinds of requirement.


Our spirit for OEM/ODM

Professional Engineering Service, Excellent Team Work and Effective Communication Skill are E-Lins’ norms.


Flow Chart for OEM/ODM
1) Product Initiation

General project discussions
Defining product specifications and requirements
Initial prototype quotation and deliver schedule
2) Research & Development

Design and development of prototype at R&D facility
Benchmark and functionality tests
Customer evalsuation
Purchase order

3) Manufacturing & Quality Control

Batch manufacturing at our ISO 9001 certified factory
Burn-in and functional tests by our quality assurance lab

4) Service & Support

Logistic services
After-sale support


Phase Chart is as follows,


China Manufacturer Supplier to OEM ODM modem routers Phase 1:Marketing Research / Customer Enquiry

China Manufacturer Supplier to OEM ODM modem routersPhase 2: Confirm Product Specifications & Functions

China Manufacturer Supplier to OEM ODM modem routersphase 3: product outlook design(ID design), MD design and electronics part design

China Manufacturer Supplier to OEM ODM modem routersPhase 4: Prototype evalsuation (Outlook, Electronics part, functions testing)

China Manufacturer Supplier to OEM ODM modem routersPhase 5:(optional)Prototype modification - Final confirmation before mass production

China Manufacturer Supplier to OEM ODM modem routersPhase 6: Mass Production (After customer approved golden sample)